Danehill and Chelwood Gate - climate action plan

Published: 21 October 2020

We are all seeing on the TV and in the press how the climate is changing with increased temperatures, melting of polar ice, increase in sea levels and extreme weather patterns but these are just the headlines. The way we all live our lives has a direct bearing on these changes.

Wealden District Council (WDC) has given its support for the declaration of a “Climate Emergency” and has developed a strategy to help Town and Parish Councils prepare Climate Action Plans for their own communities. In September WDC hosted an online workshop run by The Centre for Sustainable Energy for those interested in supporting the Climate Emergency Support Programme.

This was discussed at the September Parish Council meeting and it was agreed to support this initiative by initially setting up a small working group to develop the proposed Climate Action Plan. Councillors Lewis, Gilliam and Blake agreed to be part of this working group but wider representation from the Parish was considered desirable and to be welcomed.

The purpose of the Danehill & Chelwood Gate Parish Council Climate Action Working Group is to develop a Climate Action Plan appropriate for our community and to provide a link with WDC in reducing our impacts on the environment.

This is an opportunity for those who value our environment to influence what actions should be encouraged and put in place within our community to help reduce global warming and climate change. Please let the Clerk (clerk@danehill-pc.org) or myself (tony@danehill-pc.org) know if this is something that is of interest to you.