ESCC speed survey - Danehill & Chelwood Gate

March 17th - 25th 2017


A5261 A275, Lewes Road, Danehill, south of Church Lane
A5262 Freshfield Lane, Danehill, just north of Enholms Lane
A5263 School Lane, Danehill, west of school, on warning sign
A5264 School Lane, Danehill, north of school, on white fence
A5265 A275, Lewes Road, Danehill, north of School Lane
A5266 A275, Lewes Road, Chelwood Gate, just north of Sandy Lane
A5267 Beaconsfield Road, Chelwood Gate, opposite Nursery Cott
A5268 Stone Quarry Road, Chelwood Common, by Woodlands


  • Figures listed in bins are weekly total traffic volumes for that location/channel/time/speed range.
  • Each site has 2 'channels' - one for each direction - numbers are listed separately - on the basis that driving conditions/circumstances may be fundamentally different in each direction.
  • The study ran from approximately midday 17th to approximately midday 25th March - i.e. one 'half day' at each end - hence the apparent 'extra day'.