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Well done to all those who have been involved in the Christmas Tree festival click here for images. 

Wealden Waste schedule Xmas and 2020

For information on local housing available click here

Remembrance in Danehill

Helping Wealden’s Street Scene Team help you

Wealden District Council has a Street Scene Team of three officers who often work closely with the Parish and Town Councils to resolve issues such as Fly Tipping, Abandoned Vehicles, Littering and Dog Fouling.

The team investigate fly tipping incidents both on public and private land including the fly tipping of non-recyclable waste at the Neighbourhood Recycling Centres around the District. They are unable to arrange for the clearance of fly tips from private land.

It is important that any fly tip is not disturbed prior to the team visiting as crucial evidence may be destroyed.

If evidence is found within the rubbish by the team, action is taken where appropriate. This can range from a warning letter to full scale court prosecution.

The team is also able to assist with abandoned vehicles. These are vehicles that are untaxed and either unsecure in poor condition or unroadworthy. However, in the first instance these should be reported to Operation Crackdown at www.operationcrackdown.org

Street Scene Officers have no powers to deal with parking issues or obstruction issues involving vehicles. The latter should be reported to the police using the non-emergency number 101.

The Street Scene Team will investigate both littering and dog fouling issues. Where the appropriate evidence is available, such as witness statements, we will take further action in the form of issuing warning letters or Fixed Penalty Notices as appropriate.

Dog patrols can also be set up in problem areas, subject to resources, to help catch and deter offenders.

It is important for all of these issues to be reported to the Street Scene Team as soon as possible to allow them to investigate.

To contact the team please email street.scene@wealden.gov.uk or call 01892 602735


Are you interested in youth work please see attached vacancy advertisement for a new youth worker for the Parish click here

Parish Council News

Well done to all those who have been involved in the recent litter picks. It is hoped we can make this a regular event.


Facilities survey results click here

Data Protection impact results click here 

Wealden District Council News and Information

See below for WDC guidance on bonfires and for more information click to their website to see how you can contact them if you are regularly affected. 


We do not recommend that residents have bonfires. Residential bonfires attract many complaints and are a source of air pollution. We recommend that garden waste is composted or taken to a household waste site or placed into your green bin.

However, there are no byelaws preventing bonfires so if you decide to have one, you must not cause a statutory nuisance to neighbours or cause anti-social behaviour. A one off bonfire is unlikely to result in formal action but this may change if they occur on a regular basis.

If you do have a bonfire, we urge you to be extremely careful and follow the recommendations below. This should help prevent any complaints.

Our bonfire recommendations are:

  • Always warn your neighbours in advance
  • Burn during low wind conditions
  • Burn in the evening when windows are closed
  • Burn when washing has been taken in
  • Only burn dry material
  • Burn as far away from your neighbours as possible
  • If a neighbour's house has become engulfed by your smoke, please put out your bonfire immediately.

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    Sussex Police funding 2018-2022

    Sussex Police have started the biggest intake of new police officers for over a decade. This has been made possible by the increase in police precept of an average £12 for a band D property, and the PCC releasing £17 million from reserves. It means that over the next four years, Sussex will have 200 more police officers on the frontline than it does today. 

    Although residents are pleased to hear that local policing will be strengthened by these 200 extra officers, they are already indicating  that they would like even more. That is why the PCC has opened a survey on her website to gauge potential support for raising more funding locally if the Government lifts the current cap on the police precept.

    Please take a moment to make your views  known on this link https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=154038317338 

    You can find out more about  funding for Sussex Police 2018-22 here:

    Operation Crackdown

    Operation Crackdown is a partnership which includes Sussex Police and  all East and West Sussex district and borough councils. If you are tired of seeing speeding or anti-social from drivers then you can report it on http://www.operationcrackdown.org/ or by phoning  01243 64 22 22