A275 and ESCC Response

Published: 09 August 2021

Recently the Parish Council lobbied ESCC highways to make improvements to the A275 following the pedestrian accident.
We have since heard back and no further action will be taken in terms of infrastructure by ESCC although the requests for verge and hedge maintenance should be heeded for everyones safety.
From ESCC highways representative in reply:
As you are aware the County Council has a limited amount of funding to develop local transport improvements, and we need to ensure that we target the resources that we do have available at schemes which will be of the greatest benefit to our local communities. To help us prioritise the numerous scheme requests that we receive, a scheme prioritisation process has been developed to help us determine which schemes should be selected for funding from the County Council's capital programme of local transport improvements.
I have assessed your requests for a pedestrian crossing and/or traffic calming on the A275 at Danehill, and neither request achieved the benchmark score required for further investigation and a more detailed appraisal. Although I acknowledge that you will be disappointed, our scheme prioritisation process is in alignment with the key objectives of East Sussex County Council Local Transport Plan 2011 to 2026.
I did visit the site, and I have asked that East Sussex Highways edge back the narrow footway, and follow their normal procedures to arrange for the private property owners to cut back the overgrown garden hedges that are reducing the width of the footway.